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MIA: The Facts


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $300/month. A small price to pay when you consider how much time, effort, and money it saves. Our clients have even found they can reduce, even eliminate, much of their current monthly marketing costs. In fact, MIA has increased ROI by 12% and added an average of 2 stars for more than 20,000 clients across the country.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Once your Mobile Cultures team sets you up (we call it on-boarding, takes half an hour) we upload your current email list to the platform and MIA starts working right away. In fact, because Mia is software, she works tirelessly, never takes a vacation, never makes a mistake - and she costs a fraction of what you’d pay a marketing assistant. 


1. MIA automatically begins a personalized 'drip' email campaign to your list asking  how you're doing while it automatically begins capturing every new  contact you receive, from phone calls (24 hours a day), emails, texts visits, even when they make purchases. Signpost Payments automates capture of your customers’ purchases and enables Mia to generate 2X more reviews. For no additional fee, you get a free card reader and save money on card payment processing with a flat 2.7% rate.

2. MIA sends out new customer offers to every new contact.

3. Customers respond with their opinions. Redeemed offers are captured at check out.

4. MIA then responds--automatically--asking that customers post their opinions as reviews on Google+, Yelp, and Facebook--beginning the cascade of new 4 and 5 star reviews  for your business and advancing your ranking on Google.

5. MIA sends out loyalty offers/seasonal offers/newsletters/reminders--whatever messaging you desire--on a schedule you customize, to your whole list or filtered lists.

6 As your customer list grows, MIA repeats the drip campaign, constantly engaging with your customers with personalized offers and messaging.


WHAT RESULTS HAVE YOUR CLIENTS HAD? We'd be happy to put you in touch with one of our over-the-moon-happy clients who has agreed to speak to you about MIA. Contact us for his phone number. But here is vivid proof of his success thus far, after only a few months.

BUT HOW DO I KNOW IF MIA IS RIGHT FOR MY BUSINESS? MIA is at work today for all kinds of businesses. We have clients in every category. Appliance Repair/Automotive/Beauty & Wellness/Contracting/ Fitness & Instruction/Health & Medical/Home Services/Landscaping/Pet Care/ Photography/Professional Services/Recreation to name just a few. And don't think MIA is just for smaller companies. MIA is working today for many national multi-location businesses and franchises. 


Hartgers Jewelers

If you are a brick & mortar retailer you will notice more new faces in your store, and more reviews online, and if you also sell online, more orders direct from your site.  If your are an online retailer or a B2B company you will see more new visitors to your site, more reviews, and more business.The best news is that Mia does not interrupt your day, or take your time away from what you need to do. All this for just $300/month. You couldn't hire a marketing assistant for that. Which is why you should make MIA your personal digital assistant. Please contact us to learn more and start turbo charging your business with MIA.