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MIA Features and Benefits 

Capture Contacts


MIA collects customer data across email, phone, social and point of purchase. Thanks to Mia, the smart assistant embedded in Signpost’s platform, you won’t need to touch a keyboard to keep your customer list growing and up to date.

Grow your customer list by 5X

Fast and simple setup combined with automated customer data sync will increase your list of marketable contacts. You can always find your customer records and interaction history in the Signpost Merchant Center. Seeing their feedback, reviews, and purchase histories will improve how you communicate with your customers.

Easy to start

Getting started with Signpost is easy thanks to Mia. After a 5-minute online onboarding, Mia connects seamlessly to your phone, email services and key business platforms like Mindbody and Quickbooks Online. Mia gathers all your customer contact information without you needing to lift a finger.

Always in sync

Mia keeps your customer records fresh and up-to-date by automatically adding new prospects and customer records whenever they call, text, email, or buy from you.

Mia integrates with all of your customer communication channels:

Integrated Payments

Signpost Payments automates capture of your customers’ purchases and enables Mia to generate 2X more reviews. For no additional fee, you get a free card reader and save money on card payment processing with a flat 2.7% rate.

Expert Resources

You can count on Signpost to help you get better reviews and more revenue. MobileCultures, in partnership with Signpost Customer Success and Account Managers, is ready with technical support and helpful advice for getting the best results from the Signpost platform.


Insights from Serving Thousands of Businesses

Thousands of local business have gotten better reviews and more revenue from their use of Signpost. You’ll find tips and best practices based on their experiences in the Signpost Help Center.

MIA: Features and Benefits
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