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Fort Lauderdale Internet Marketing

Fort Lauderdale Internet Marketing

The City of Fort Lauderdale is brimming with business. With many companies seeking to capture your target market, SEO is more important than ever. Mobile cultures can be your Fort Lauderdale internet marketing company, allowing you to increase revenue.

What is the economy like in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale offers many of the critical factors that support a bristling economy. Our city has stellar education, beautiful vistas, and is relatively inexpensive compared to similar cities. The Venice of America made US Markets list of top ten markets to watch.

Businesses are vying for a slice of our vibrant economy. Companies seek to win business from nearly every industry including tourism, food services, and information technology. The average person sees 5000 advertisements each day and this number increases wherever there is a healthy economy.

What is internet marketing?

Standing out in a good economy can be difficult. Internet marketing targets your consumers where they are most attentive. Applications such as Yelp and Google maps are among the most important sources of information today. People view these sources as reliable and convenient and tend to use them when they are most likely to buy products and services.

People no longer rely on the Yellow Pages. Even baby boomers maintain an online presence, spending up to two times the number of hours online as their millennial peers. Online presences create an opportunity for digital marketing companies to target your local market by improving your listings and website.

Internet marketers compete for rankings and try to ensure that your content is relevant. Seventy-one percent of Google users never reach the second page of results and the click-through rate for paid advertisements is only three percent. Search engines are increasingly capable of providing useful results for decreasing attention spans.

With search engines and review sites developing better algorithms, our company deploys a proven multi-tiered approach to marketing. We improve your SEO in a matter of minutes, focus on your reviews, and build credibility through a company website. This combination drives results and makes you visible no matter where you are.

How can internet marketing help my business?

Through improvements to your relevancy and the resulting increased traffic, digital marketing has a positive impact on your bottom line. Search engine optimization alone improves revenue for businesses by up to fourteen percent, bolstered by increased traffic and better ratings.

Our clients are satisfied with the power of digital marketing. One Hollywood plumbing company saw its top-ten organic search engine rankings increase by 27 pieces of content. In just eight weeks, his keyword ranking rose by 19355 links.

This presence has a direct impact. A local jeweler and client saw the number of visitors to their website grow by 2456 people. Reaching more potential customers, the company was able to initiate a remodel of their brick and mortar store.

Capturing your target market in Fort Lauderdale requires an online presence. MoibileCultures would love to be your Fort Lauderdale internet marketing company. We can increase your local presence. Contact us today to learn more.

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