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Online Marketing For Small Business Florida

Online Marketing For Small Business Florida

Business is booming with Miami listed as one of the fastest growing cities in the US and online marketing for small business in Florida has never been easier. Getting up and running requires standing out from the crowd. Being heard is easy with Mobile cultures.

How hard is marketing in the information age?

Customers use the internet today to find everything from books to the best local butcher. Yelp, Google, Bing, and others bombard your clients with messages every day. The average person now sees as many as 5000 ads each day.

An abundance of information is likely to turn from a lake to an ocean in the coming years. The number of advertisements seen per day has increased 10-fold since the 1970s. The goal of most marketers is to plaster your brand everywhere.

Coupled with the growing use of the internet, the amount of available information is staggering. The average person now spends 24 hours online each week. This is a significant increase from the 9.4 hours spent browsing the web in 2000.

How hard is it to be seen online?

There are now 644 million websites, over one billion Youtube videos, and an equally daunting amount of reviews on Yelp. People love fresh, relevant content and creators understand this. That content includes much more than just viral videos and cat pictures with retailers and Twitter remaining among the most trafficked companies.

It is increasingly difficult to place content in front of your target market online. Seventy-one percent of web surfers never skim past the first page of Google results. The vast majority never make it past the first three non-advertising related links.

This trend is happening in every corner of the web. Youtube, Google Maps, and Yelp, through the help of professional content creators, are harder platforms to market on than ever before. People are drowning in a sea of information.

How should I market online?

Marketing online can vastly improve your business. Even when only using SEO professionals, retailers saw up to 14 percent growth in revenue. This is primarily due to an increase in website traffic and interest from review and map websites.

Online marketing requires a multi-prong approach. Our company utilizes a powerful plug and play SEO system, video, content, and targeted advertising to help grow your customer base. Since social media plays an enormous role in search results, we aim to help our customers achieve better reviews and more shares as well.

Placing your content in front of the people that matter requires skill. You must know your customer base and how they interact on the web. Finding the right platforms for your message is as important as finding the best message. We help you market to your best customer profile with lead generation done in 20 minutes or less.

Online marketing for small business in Florida is hard. We make it easy with a specially tailored approach, delivering growth and results without the trial and error. Contact us today to find out more about our technologies and marketing expertise.

Online Marketing For Small Business Florida
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