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SEO For Retailers

SEO For Retailers

SEO for retailers can be a daunting task. Ecommerce SEO requires a certain amount of knowhow. Even Shopify requires SEO skills to get your webstore in front of customers. MobileCultures makes it easy to reach your target market.

Why should a retailer care about SEO?

There is an abundance of information available to your customer base. There are 644 million websites and countless vlogs. People are also online more than at any time in the past.

In the face of stiff competition, people are using online retailers and websites more than ever. The amazon marketplace is enormous with $177.87 billion in revenue in 2017. Walmart’s own webstore grew at an alarming rate in 2017. It seems that nearly everyone has a webstore today with local your grocer jumping on the trend.

With so many stores and websites online, it is hard to reach your target market. People now see nearly 5000 advertisements each day. This comes despite an increase in the number of hours spent surfing the web. Americans spend almost 24 hours browsing the internet each week.

How can I reach my customers online?

Reaching your customer base requires the skillful use of content, keywords, video, and social media. Today’s consumer is attached to a variety of different platforms. They also use a variety of devices from smartphones to desktops.

It is important to branch out beyond search engines today. Even older generations are utilizing social media sites. 82.3 percent of baby boomers belong to at least one online community and spend up to two hours more than millennials online each week.

The growth of social media is not lost on Google. Shared content makes a website rank much higher today that in 2011.

Meanwhile, review sites and map applications are now a major source of information. Businesses are more public than ever. Positive and negative reviews have a significant impact on your bottom line.

It is not enough to be present across the internet. Your content must be fresh and relevant.

Our company uses websites, blogs, reviews, and social media to increase your SEO ranking. We help you stay fresh and relevant.

Can retailers benefit from SEO?

SEO has a direct impact on your revenue. The average business sees a 14 percent increase in revenue when using professional services and thousands of additional page views. Allowing a skilled professional to make critical changes to your existing sites has a direct impact on business.

Can I be heard online without SEO?

Most people never reach the second page of Google and Bing results. Most never even view the fourth or fifth non-advertisement link. This makes SEO incredibly important. With over 1 billion Youtube videos and the importance of being multi-dimensional, specialized content is also crucial beyond traditional content.

SEO for retailers is growing in importance. MobileCultures makes being heard much easier with fast and effective plug and play technologies and a broad approach to SEO. Contact us today to understand how to stay relevant.

SEO For Retailers
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