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Social Media For Small Business Florida

Social Media For Small Business Florida

Digital marketing can result in a significant increase in revenue. People use more than websites today with social media being a substantial source of information in the information age, requiring a multi-faceted approach to distributing content. MobileCultures is an expert in social media for small business in Florida that easily drives people to your website and increase sales at an affordable price.

How can I target a local market?

The local market is as dynamic as the national market. Consumers have access to the same technologies in Miami as Anchorage. You need to make sure that your content is in front of the right people at the right time to grow your business.

Targeting means finding and engaging your community where they are active. In our beautiful sunshine state, we are more likely to jet ski than snow ski. Your content marketing strategy and SEO needs to account for geography.

Social media is a particularly useful way to gain access to your market. People use this form of media in real time and are likely to be close to home. This usage places them within easy reach of the best-placed content. Most importantly, Yelp, Facebook, and Google Maps are now essential sources of information for products and services.

Consider the case of the local jeweler using our services. By helping this small business obtain better recognition on Yelp and Google which sent them to an appropriately targeted website, we allowed them to gain enough customers to initiate a remodel of their brick and mortar location. Their number of website visitors increased by 2456 people per month.

Can SEO and social media marketing help my business?

Digital marketing has a significant impact on the average business. Most companies see 34 percent better ratings and a 14 percent increase in revenue.

The numbers speak volumes. Directing people to your company website drives sales. One Hollywood plumber using SEO services saw his top ten search engine rankings drastically increase, resulting in over 100 inbound links and an 800 percent growth in organic traffic. This client saved over $868 using our services.

How should I implement a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing reaches beyond social media. This form of media creates authority as your website gains shares and recognition. The result is more people searching for your brand over others and recognizing your business in search results. This process allows you to use your website as a natural vehicle to drive sales.

Social media plays a significant role under this proven platform driven by the practices of popular search engines. Brand recognition is among the critical factors determining whether your potential clients hear your message amidst an ocean of information. Applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp allow you to interact with future clients without spending an enormous budget to visit numerous events.

Content marketing does not need to be expensive or complicated. MobileCultures is an expert in social media for small business in Florida that can drive your revenue using proven strategies without breaking the bank.

Social Media For Small Business Florida
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