The key to building a strong customer base is a sustained, consistent marketing effort.  Typically this marketing effort will be to three distinct segments: new customer acquisitions campaigns, nurturing people who have demonstrated interest in the past, and current customer retention. With The Big Bundle you get a complete turn-key, do-it-all, no-time, no-effort solution that works in the background while you work in the store.

online marketing for retail stores florida A young woman retailer happ to have us do all her marketing for her, with our automated platforms

The Big Bundle automatically takes care of:

Your very own digital marketing dept.


Wear fewer hats. 


Make more money.

And remember, like many of our services, the Big Bundle is a "flip-the-switch" digital technology.  Virtually no time or effort 

is required on your part. 

Pay Per Click Internet Advertising – Google AdWords

A complete targeted pay per click program on Google. 

Automated ENewsletters

Biweekly industry articles and highlights about your business

Automated Acquisition Emails

Alternate weeks to keep your brand in front of your Opt-In list. 

Your Current Opt-In list Included

Up to 2,000 of your current or “dead” contacts 

ReTarget Internet Marketing

Advertising on other websites to re-engage to your website.


Online Reputation Monitoring

Track every aspect of your online reputation.

Online List Monitoring and Maintenance

Your accurate business listings on listing sites aggregators.

Social Network Marketing

Integrate social sites into your digital marketing efforts.

Postal Data Appends

Street addresses for opt-in list prospects for direct mail.

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